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Welcome to A Silent Riot, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore the site and all that it has to offer; perhaps A Silent Riot will ignite your passions as well!


Hey there! My name is Jessica Marie; I am an Atlanta native, millennial content creator, words enthusiast, and lover of all things purple. The idea to create a blog burgeoned years ago, but out of fear, I pushed it aside. Years passed, yet the idea continued to - fortunately - disrupt my spirit. So though afraid, I finally chose to pursue it. 

To start a blog would defy the fear that runs rampant in my mind. Fear of not articulating effectively, fear that I am not qualified, that no one will read it, that I am too small, too reserved, and too unimportant. Fear is such a crippling factor and hard to shake if one dwells on it for too long, but over the years, I’ve found that the only way to eliminate fear is to face it. So here I am, defying fear.

This blog is a safe space for those who feel and have felt so small, unseen, and lost. It is also for those who are internally rioting with ideas but have become so distorted by the fear that they remain silent. 

I pray that this series of creative content – short stories, poems, memories, lessons learned, and observations – reignites those riots within and realigns the perspective you chose to view them.

Let it no longer silence you but drive you to riot boldly.

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