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Back and Pursuing Better

“The new year starts February 1st.” I saw this post floating around on Instagram for a while, and I must agree. I’m not sure why January seemed like an extension of 2021 to me, but it was. As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to take January off to get my life and blog in order.

Well, that didn’t happen. LOL l I did, however, think about what I wanted this year’s goals to be. For most (myself included), the type of goals we set are often concrete or material-based things that we can’t wait to check off our lists. They consist of paying off debts, earning a degree, buying a house, etc. All of which are important. However, I decided not to solely focus on tangible goals but to push the limits on my character, relationship with God, relationship with myself, mental health, and just being an overall good person. And just like life, when you decide to set a goal, it goes berserk with the test and trials! I won’t go into the many details because they’ll make for great blogposts down the road, but please know I’m pushing myself and coming with the heat this year! I won’t make this week’s post too long, but I wanted to drop in and say I’m back and hope to keep you intrigued like those Power episodes you stay up past midnight to watch. 😉

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