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Girl, Where Have You Been?

I know, I know! I’ve been MIA for months with no warning – BUT I am back.

The past couple of months have been hectic and life-changing for me in many ways. As you may know, I was in graduate school, which took a big chunk of my time. However, I graduated in May (thank you, Jesus!) and now have more availability. In addition, I silently moved many miles away from Atlanta and then immediately started traveling as a result of graduation and vacations. Despite those all being valid reasons, one of the most important reasons why I (unintentionally) went MIA is because I have been chopping it up with God. I allowed him to course correct and fix my heart regarding a few things. (The latter was pivotal, so I’ll unpack that in a moment). Though going MIA was not initially intentional, it did prove positive to my life. My apologies to anyone who may have been looking for blog posts, but I did not want to continue posting if it wasn’t 1. what God wanted me to post, and 2. coming from my heart and a place of passion/purpose.

Now let me unpack a little more.

When I initially knew I needed to start a blog, I was super excited because I grew up writing and reading. I would read a book and pay attention to the way authors constructed sentences, used punctuations, selected words, etc. - and I still do! I grew up writing in journals, on sticky notes, and even in the note app on my phone (I wrote this on my phone at 1:19 a.m. lol) – it’s therapeutic for me. I am not an outright emotional person, but I can be emotional with my words on paper (or a computer) and not feel “weird” or overly vulnerable. Well, when I started this blog, I wanted that to transfer into my posts. I desired to reach the people God assigned to me, and I wanted them to hear my heart and share in the silent riots (even if it was only one person). I knew that my blog would probably not become a high-traffic site or popular by the masses, and I was okay with that. However, somewhere while writing and posting my blogs on social media, I forgot about that. I got frustrated because not only were my Instagram followers uninterested in reading what I shared each month but even most of my friends showed lackluster and disregard. Not going to lie, it did hurt my feelings, and I became obsessed with checking to see if I had new subscribers or more views. I knew this wasn’t healthy, so I prayed to God and asked him to help me. However, what I did not know was that it would be months later and no posts. Nonetheless, I also know it was necessary.

As I work through this course alignment and heart check, I choose to be intentional about what I write and to steer clear of posting on social media regarding blog posts unless I hear otherwise. For those that plan on journeying with me or somehow stumble across this site, I pray that something from my heart touches you in a way that ignites your God-given passions or resonates deep in your soul. I am so happy to be back and can’t wait to share more of my heart! Chat with you later.

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